December 9th

I finished my poster. I downloaded the coffee ring and swirls brushes from The font is from and it’s called Moonlight Shadow. I found the headphones online. So first, I cut out and copied the headphones to a blank document. Then, I painted the rings to somewhat wrap around the headphones. I gave the  headphones a black overlay and a drop shadow. I put a Satin over the rings and added a stroke.  Then, I typed each word in a separate layer and gave them each a stroke and an inner shadow. I put a drop shadow for “is” and “my”. Then, I used my new swirls brush and painted about five different swirls all in separate layers. I merged three of them together to create one big swirl. Then, I erased certain parts of each swirl to make them wrap around the letters and the headphones. I gave them all a stroke and inner shadow as well. And Voila! An awesome music poster!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.16.00 PM


2 thoughts on “December 9th

  1. Cool design! Good work!

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